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Yamhill Valley Community Doulas is designed to provide accessible, culturally-matched birth support to families and communities that do not have, or cannot otherwise access doula services. This model of care is sustained by recruiting, training & mentoring doulas from diverse cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds. By offering authentic, culturally aware services, YVCD fills a gap for birthing families in Yamhill Valley. Thereby, supporting overall wellness and dignity, which creates stronger and healthier families and communities. 

YVCD is in it's infancy stage, being nurtured to life by co-founders, Alyson & Eva.  As avid community members in McMinnville with a passion for supporting healthy births and postpartum periods, they are delighted to be bringing a shared vision to life through YVCD.


Our Team

Board of Directors:
Eva Marie Hales, CD, THW, Board President
Alyson Larkin, CD, THW, Board Treasurer 
Erica Koltenuk, CNM, Board Secretary 

Advisory Committee:
Silas Halloran-Steiner
Sandra Lafky, RN
Lily Sintim, THW Liaison

Meet The Doulas

Community Partners

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