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We seek to ensure that all pregnant individuals enrolled in Oregon Health Plan have convenient access to a well-matched doula who will support them through birth and immediate postpartum. In our integrated, diverse model, we direct these services to those most at risk. In Yamhill County, we've identified those individuals to be in families who: speak Spanish as a first language, live in our rural areas, experience addiction, experience homelessness, are in their teens, or have experienced past trauma. Research shows us that at risk, low-income women, especially those of color, are at the highest risk of poor birth outcomes in the United States. Doula care is among the most promising approaches to combating disparities in maternal health, showing improved health outcomes for both mothers and their infants.



As our community continues to diversify, we will continue to grow alongside it by providing culturally matched doulas to each family in need.

All YVCD doulas:

  • Have autonomy to train through the organization that aligns most with their values.

  • Are certified Traditional Health Workers through the Oregon Health Authority.

  • Have access to a 6 month intensive mentorship program during their training period. 

As proud 2022 HOWTO Grant recipients, YVCD is able to reduce financial barriers for new doulas by offering training scholarships to those who qualify. 



Birth is hard and you deserve to have the support of a doula by your side. YVCD provides doula support at no cost to OHP & YCCO members. All families are offered:

  • Childbirth Education tailored to the needs and request of each pregnant person & their family.

  • Prenatal sessions to educate & empower the birthing person & partners for what's to come. 

  • Continuous support during labor and birth. 

  • Postpartum sessions to process birth & the transition into parenthood. 

  • Extended postpartum care for families in need of extra support during the fourth trimester.



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